Early Life

John Star was born into a rich and famous family. As a matter of fact, one of the richest African family (the Edokpolo Family). A family of which each ~ child inherited fortunes after the death of their father.

He was very bright at school, alway s scoring A’s in each and every subject, and was one of the top 3 in e very class he attended. He was always well dressed, well spoken and well behaved, a skill he always attribute to his late mother (Mercy) and his maternal late grand father (Chief Justice Adam Osunde) who was a professor of law, a high court judge and a commissioner of justice.

He attended Edokpolo Nursery School from 1 975-1977, Ologboshere Primary School from 1977-1982 and Edokpolo Gramme r School from 1982-1987. He then attended Ambrose Alli University f r om 1987-1992 where he obtained a Bachelor of Law (LL,B) degree, Nige ria Law School -from 1992-1993 where he obtained his Barrister at Law Certification and got called to Bar with the Nigeria Bar Associatio n (NBA).

Afterward, he practiced law for about a year and went to Switzerland to study law and music. In the early 2000 he returned back to Ambrose Alli University for his Master of Law and later his Doctor of Philosophy in Law degrees.

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