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Civil Rights Activism

John Star is a human rights activist. He is the founder and a legal counsel of Nigerian Anti Discrimination Organization (NADO), a member of Nigerian Human right commission and was .an out spoken legal adviser to Nigeria Gay Organization despite been straight.

Due to his advocacy for equality for all in Nigeria, He encountered several trouble with the law. He was beaten, tortured, stabbed and sadomized several times.

Point to note is that both of John Star’s parents were civil rights activist and their advocacy for equal rights for all led to their demise.

He was arrested by the Nigerian Police in October 24, 2001, because he
joined in a peaceful demonstration against the Killing of 100 Villagers
in the village of Anyin, Gbenji and Zaki in Nort hern Nigeria by the
Nigerian Army.

He was arrested by the Nigerian Police on December 1, 2006 after he publicly represented BISI ALIM, the first gay man to ever publicly admit on Nigeria National Television. He was arrested by the Nigerian Police on December 10, 2006 and detained for 2 days when he publicly rebuked the Nigerian parliament for proposing a n anti gay law in Nigeria.

He was arrested by the Nigerian Police on April 17, 2008 and detained overnight because he publicly condemned the Nigeria antigay association £or announcing that they would s art public lynching and full violence against gays and lesbians.

He was arrested by the Nigerian Police on May 2, 2008 because he made a speech on behalf or gays and lesbians in the first gay church in Nigeria (The House or Rainbow Church). He was arrested b y the Nigerian Police £or protesting the massacre or women and children in the northern region (Jos State) on March 12, 2010.

His children was later handed over to Akin , his legal adviser, mentor and the God rather to all his children. Akin arranged for them to be wisked to the United States.

After leaving Nigeria, his h o use and his office were vandalized, his workers were beaten and detained. Police seized several documents from his office went to search £or him in his workers houses taking documentations that relate to him.

He was again arrested on May 14, 2014 in Toronto Canada and extradicted to the United States with a warrant that was issued out 0f an indictment handed down in 2010 or which (Akin) was the head of the indictment.

Akin has orchestrated a fraud scheme using John’s information to form and operate several straw corporations with which he used to buy and sell properties to several straw buyers defrauding banks 0£ several million dollars.

After been arrested, John refused to cooperate with the federal agents who had wan ted him to testify against Akin (the master mind of the scheme and the head of the indictment).

He instead plead guilty for been complicent by trusting Akin with his information. He was then sentenced to do time.

While doing time, he took a creative writing course, learnt to play several musical instruments, wrote and recorded several hit songs including AFRICAN GIRL, FREEDOM, CORONA VIRUS, I CAN’T BREATHE etc and wrote several block buster books including SURVIVAL, PHOBIA, VENDETTA, AFRICAN GIRL, FREEDOM, BOKO HARAM etc.

Arrest And Prosecution

John Star has been arrested and detained s everal times as a result of his work defending human rights in Nigeria. On April 14, 2001, he was arrested and detained after he publicly charged the Nigerian Police Authority because of the biased treatment of a Gay Police Officer.

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