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About – John Star, The Artist

John Star was born on May 3, 1973 at Specialist Hospital in Benin City to John (father) a devoted Christian and Mercy (mother) a devoted Jew. At birth, he was named John Star by his late father (John) and Elvis Ized by his late mother (Mercy ).

His late father who’s estate is valued ove r a Billion dollar was once the richest Nigerian and one of the ric hest African to ever walk on earth. He was one of Nigerian founding f athers. An Honorable minister of trade and commerce, commissioner of trade and industries, Honorable ambassador, an advocate and a Justice of Peace.

He was the founder of Midwest People Congress and Midwest People Democratic Front.

He was a very successful real estate developer who owned hundreds of properties, a school proprietor that founded Edokpolo Nursery School, Edokpolo Primary School and Edok polo grammer school.

He owned Edokpolo Group of Companies including Edokpolo and Sons Limited, Edokpolo Rubber and Timber Limited, Edokpolo Jetty and was a partner at Sem-Edo wire industries. He was also a civil right activist who advocated for Nigerian independence from the colonial masters. He later advocated for the creation of the former Midwest region of Nigeria after independence. Then, the creation of Bendel State which was later divided to form Edo State, Delta State and
Bayelsa State.

His late mother was also an advocate, a school teacher and school administrator that helped her late husband (John) in the foundation and management of Edokpolo Nursery School, Edokpolo Primary School and Edokpolo Grammer School . She was also the founder of the Folashian Jewish Center, Mercy Orphanage Home and the Abused Women Shelter. She was a stunt advocate for freedom of religion and a champion for women rights in Nigeria.

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